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15W 4KVAC Isolation AC-DC Converters

mili lee
 4 Aug, Thurs 12:54
The rated output power of TP15AC series is 15W,With very low no-load consumption (only 60mW),
Low leakage current(only 0.1mA ),ultra-small size,50.8*25.4*15.3mm,isolated voltage up to 4KVAC.
Product safe and reliable,Good EMC performance,EMC And meet the safety specifications of IEC/EN61000-4,
Widely used in medical, industrial, office and civil industries,
if applied to the bad electromagnetic compatibility must refer to the application circuit
Universal input voltage range	AC and DC dual-use	Wide input voltage: 4:1
Low power consumption	High efficiency,high power density, ultra-small size	Over current protection, Short circuit protection
Low Ripple & Noise	RoHS compliant 	Operating temperature: -40 to 70

Part Number	Input	Output	Efficiency

VoltageVAC)	Voltage VDC)	CurrentA
TP15AC220S03W	85-265	120-370	3.3	2.70	66
TP15AC220S05W	85-265	120-370	5	2. 70	78
TP15AC220S09W	85-265	120-370	9	1.66	80
TP15AC220S12W	85-265	120-370	12	1 .25	80
TP15AC220S15W	85-265	120-370	15	1	80
TP15AC220S24W	85-265	120-370	24	0. 62	80
Parameter	Conditions	Mini.	Typ.	Max.	Units
Voltage range	DC Input 	120	220	370	VDC
Voltage range	AC Input 	85	220	265	VAC
Input frequency		50		60	HZ
Input Current	115VAC
210	mA
Input Current 	230VAC			100	mA
Inrush current	115VAC		16		A
Inrush current	230VAC		30		A
External fuse recommended value		1A/250V, slow fusing, necessary
Hot plug 		Unavailable
Leakage current	265VAC/50Hz		0.1		mA
skype:toppower8620,email:sales2@gztoppower.com web: http://en.gztoppower.com/
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