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TOPPOWER is ISO9001:2015 and IATF16949:2016 certificated factory.
1.TOPPOWER is a leading manufacturer of power converters :
0.1W-400W DC-DC converters,1W-30W AC-DC converters,
15W-1200W Enclosed /Open frame/DIN RAIL type AC-DC Switching Power supply,

2.about quality:we have been in production for more than 10 years,
our chief engineer has worked in the power converter field for more than 20 years.
3.about delivery: our lead time is 5-10workdays generally.
4.we can replace: MURATA, TRACO,Amitec,Meanwell,RECOM,Minmax,Peak,etc.

Our products are widely used in
Power System, Telecom, Instrumentations & Measurement,
Automotive Electronics, Medical, Military industries.

Guangzhou Top Power Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

Specialization: TOPPOWER is a leading manufacturer of power converters : 0.1W-400W DC/DC converters & 1W-30W AC/DC converters,AC-DC Switching Power supply,

Line-card: we can replace: MURATA, TRACO,Amitec,Meanwell,RECOM,Minmax,Peak,etc.

Regions: guangdong

Minimal RFQ: no

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