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Suppliers of «FH25-51S-0.3SH»

SupplierPart NoManufacturerPriceStock
0.3 mm Contact Pitch, 0.9 mm above the board, Flexible Printed Circuit ZIF Connectors. Подробнее PDF
1680, 2-4 нед
EUROMASH EKFH25-51S-0.3SH 5042, 7-10 days
ООО "Интегральные схемы"FH25-51S-0.3SH 4436, 7-10 days

Company Information

ООО "БАЛТЭЛЕКТРОНИМПОРТ"St. Petersburg+7 (812) 24039600  0 Hide
EUROMASH EKSt. Petersburg+7 (812) 309-89-320  0 Hide
ООО "Интегральные схемы"St. Petersburg+7 (812) 448-53-820  0 Hide
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Distributors: 1751 Russian and 430 worldwide
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