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Photovoltaic DC/DC converters TP15DU

mili lee
 5 Aug, Fri 05:34
The rated output power of TP15DU converters is 15W ,
it is 100-1000VDC super wide input voltage rangeHigh Efficiency ,
High reliability DC/DC switch power supply
can be widely used in photovoltaic power generation and high frequency inverter and other occasions
provide a stable working voltage for the load equipments,
And its built-in multiple protection function can improve the module power supply &
Load safety performance under abnormal circumstances .

Operating temperature : -40C to 85C	High Efficiency, Low Ripple and noise	Output overload&short circuit protection
100-1000VDC super wide input voltage range Both for AC and DC input voltage	Industrial,
military-Level product design	Designed for photovoltaic power generation, wind power and other ancillary equipment

Part Number	Input Voltage	Output	Efficiency

%	Others
Voltage VDC)	CurrentA	Current
A		isolated
VAC)	Ripple and noise Typ	Maximum capacitive load
Rated	Range values
TP15DU600S05	600	100-1000	5	3	76	2500	100mv	1000
TP15DU600S12	600	100-1 000	12.1	1.25	78	2500	100mv	470
TP15DU600S15	600	100-1000	15	1	79	2500	100mv	470

TP15DU600S24 600 100-1000 24 0.625 80 2500 100mv 100

TP15DU600D12	600	100-1000	±12	±0. 625	79	2500	100mv	100
TP15DU600D15	600	100-1000	±15	±0.5	79	2500	100mv	100

The filter type	Common mode+LC  typefilter
Start time	10ms
Remote control method	None

Voltage setting accuracy	MainVo1 ±2.0%( nominal) rated loadnominal input voltage @25
Voltage setting accuracy	AuxiliaryVo2±5.0%( nominal) rated balance loadnominal input voltage @25
Linear voltage regulation 	±1.0%( nominal) rated loadnominal input voltage @25
Load regulation	MainVo1±1.0%( nominal) nominal input voltage10100 nominal rated load
Load regulation	AuxiliaryVo2±3.0%( nominal) nominal input voltage10100Nominal balance load
Over-current protection	110%, Continuous short circuit, self-recovery
Over-voltage protection mode	None
skype:toppower8620,email:sales2@gztoppower.com web: http://en.gztoppower.com/
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