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TPR0505S-1W DC/DC converter 5Vin 5Vout

mili lee
 19 Nov, Thurs 11:40
TPR0505S-1W DC/DC converter 5Vin 5Vout
replacement for TRACO  TMA0505S ,PEAK P6CU-0505ELF

The TPR-1W series are miniature, isolated 1W DC/DC converters in a SIP package. They offer the ideal solution in many space critical applications for board level power distribution. The internal SMD construction makes it possible to offer a product with high performance at low cost. The series offers smaller size, improved efficiency, lower output ripple noise and 3KVDC isolation.

Part Number	Nominal Input Voltage	Output Voltage
TPR0305S-1W	3.3	5
TPR0503S-1W	5	3.3
TPR0505S -1W	5	5
TPR0509S-1W	5	9
TPR0512S-1W	5	12
TPR0515S-1W	5	15

TPR1205S-1W 12 5
TPR1212S-1W	12	12
TPR1215S-1W	12	15
TPR1505S-1W	 15	5
TPR2405S-1W	24	5
TPR2412S-1W	24	12
TPR2415S-1W	24	15

TPR2424S-1W 24 24
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