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0.25W 3KVDC Isolated Dual Output SMD DC-DC Converters power supply

mili lee
 4 Aug, Thurs 09:04
Miniature surface mounted DC/DC Converters are an ideal and economical solution for many applications where noise reduction, voltage isolation, voltage conversion in distributed power systems is required. these converters are qualified for the higher temperatures requested by lead-free reflow solder processes, especially for automated SMD production lines.

RoHS compliant	Efficiency up to 78%	Operating temperature: -40to 105
CE certification	Footprint over pins 1.64cm2	Power density 1.36W/cm3
Input voltage: 3.3V, 5V, 12V,15V	Output voltage: ±3.3V, ±5V, ±9V, ±12V,±15V	UL 94V-0 package material
3KVDC isolation	Custom solutions available	/
Part Number	Nominal Input Voltage	Output Voltage
TPAT0303-W2	3.3	±3.3
TPAT0305-W2	3.3	±5
TPAT 0309-W2	3.3	±9
TPAT0312-W2	3.3	±12
TPAT0315-W2	3.3	±15
TPAT0503-W2	 5	±3.3
TPAT0505-W2	5	±5
TPAT0509-W2	5	±9
TPAT0512-W2	5	±12

TPAT0515-W2 5 ±15

TPAT1203-W2	12	±3.3
TPAT1205-W2	12	±5
TPAT1209 -W2	12	±9
TPAT1212-W2	12	±12
TPAT1215-W2	12	±15
TPAT1515-W2	15	±15< /pre>
Add suffix “P” for continuous short circuit protection, for example TPAT0505P-W2. Add suffix “X” has not 5,10,14,16 pin, for example TPAT0505X-W2.
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