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PartNo Type Analog Information source
Analog Devices LM6118 AD823 National Semiconductor Analog Devices
GSI GS816118BD-133 AS7C251MPFS18A-100BC Alliance GSI
AS7C251MPFS18A-100FBC Alliance GSI
AS7C251MPFS18A-133BC Alliance GSI
AS7C251MPFS18A-133FBC Alliance GSI
GSI GS816118BGD-133 AS7C251MPFS18A-100BCN Alliance GSI
AS7C251MPFS18A-100FBCN Alliance GSI
AS7C251MPFS18A-133BCN Alliance GSI
AS7C251MPFS18A-133FBCN Alliance GSI
GSI GS816118BD-166 AS7C251MPFS18A-166BC Alliance GSI
AS7C251MPFS18A-166FBC Alliance GSI
GSI GS816118BGD-166 AS7C251MPFS18A-166BCN Alliance GSI
AS7C251MPFS18A-166FBCN Alliance GSI
GSI GS816118BD-200 AS7C251MPFS18A-200BC Alliance GSI
AS7C251MPFS18A-200FBC Alliance GSI
AS7C331MPFS18A-166BC Alliance GSI
AS7C331MPFS18A-166FBC Alliance GSI
AS7C331MPFS18A-200BC Alliance GSI
AS7C331MPFS18A-200FBC Alliance GSI
CY7C1382C-167BZC Cypress GSI
CY7C1382C-200BZC Cypress GSI
CY7C1382CV25-167BZC Cypress GSI
CY7C1382CV25-200BZC Cypress GSI
CY7C1382D-167BZC Cypress GSI
CY7C1382D-200BZC Cypress GSI
CY7C1382DV25-167BZC Cypress GSI
GSI GS816118BGD-200 AS7C251MPFS18A-200BCN Alliance GSI
AS7C251MPFS18A-200FBCN Alliance GSI
AS7C331MPFS18A-166BCN Alliance GSI
AS7C331MPFS18A-166FBCN Alliance GSI
AS7C331MPFS18A-200BCN Alliance GSI
AS7C331MPFS18A-200FBCN Alliance GSI
CY7C1382D-167BZXC Cypress GSI
CY7C1382D-200BZXC Cypress GSI
GSI GS816118BD-150 AS7C331MPFS18A-100BC Alliance GSI
AS7C331MPFS18A-100FBC Alliance GSI
AS7C331MPFS18A-133BC Alliance GSI
AS7C331MPFS18A-133FBC Alliance GSI
CY7C1382C-133BZC Cypress GSI
CY7C1382CV25-133BZC Cypress GSI
GSI GS816118BGD-150 AS7C331MPFS18A-100BCN Alliance GSI
AS7C331MPFS18A-100FBCN Alliance GSI
AS7C331MPFS18A-133BCN Alliance GSI
AS7C331MPFS18A-133FBCN Alliance GSI
GSI GS816118BD-250 CY7C1382C-225BZC Cypress GSI
CY7C1382C-250BZC Cypress GSI
CY7C1382CV25-225BZC Cypress GSI
CY7C1382CV25-250BZC Cypress GSI
CY7C1382D-250BZC Cypress GSI
GSI GS816118BGD-250 CY7C1382D-250BZXC Cypress GSI
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  6118 [Allegro]
Vacuum Fluorescent Display Driver
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