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ChipFind cross-refereces (x-ref) list

The cross-references search engine

Find replacements (cross-references) for industry-standard electronic components. We collected the most complete base of cross-references of manufacturers all over the world.

Most data for our base were taken directly from IC manufacturers. We publish only reliable cross-reference lists with source links to manufacturer's or supplier's web-site where you can find more information.

Please note. The information is based on manufacturers published information at the time that we collected this information. This information is for suggestion purposes only. We recommend that you completely review all datasheet to confirm the device functionality, pinout, and performance for your application.

  Enter the part number you wish to replace into the search field and click the search button. All Equivalents separated in categories:
  • Pin-to-Pin Replacement - Pin-to-Pin Equivalent. Identical package and pinout, equivalent function and performance.
  • Compatible Equivalent - Pin compatible but electrical specifications are not identical. Or equivalent function, package and/or pinout are different, superior performance etc.
  • Functional Equivalent - Pin-for-Pin Upgrade. Equivalent function and performance, package and/or pinout are different.
  • Possible Analog - Information from unreliable source, or similar part. Check Datasheet for more information.

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