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Vladimirbuy 2D522B

buy Ukraine 2D522B in quantities of 3-5 000 pcs.


sale D263V 88god choke 50 pcs. 5, 5 usd fan VN-2 91 year w/c 70 pcs. 5, 5 usd

Oleg DanilovSP4 clearance-1a (in) to 3 rubles. ST3-17-220

Proposal. All in original packaging, perfect condition. 90-93goda. Resistors: SP4-1A-0, 5-220 com shaft 2-16 10000 pcs. SP4-1B-0, 25-10 kohm 2 500 pcs. SP4-1B-0, 25-22 com 2 850 pcs. SP4-1B-0, 25-33 kohm 1 500 places. ST3-17-220 Ohm-20% 192 pcs.

Yuriy motors, bearings.

podшipn. 6-07 624юt yr. 1000 pcs. 5-1000091ЮT 70 pcs. 220 USD. 5-1000095K yellow. ferrule 200 pcs. 60 rub. RC1A452 88-90 yr. 80 pcs. RC1A1298 88-90 yr. 45 pcs. D25T 87 yr. 10 pcs. 1000 rub. FEB 7, 0-400 91 yr. 220 pcs. 250 rub. FEB 1-400 90 yr. 125 pcs. Uvo-2. 6-6.5 88 yr. 3 pcs. Uvo-2. 6-6.5 3 pcs. 3200 rub. EV-0. 7-3660 89 yr. 2 pcs. EV

Oleg Danilovmikrosb. FE-3 ..., MDЧ modules, MDШ selenium vypr.

Sale Microassemblies. Year of the 90s: IP3-18 1. 597 pcs. 15 of rub. everything in to 7 rubles. IP3-19 1. 518 pcs. 15 of rub. everything in to 7 rubles. IP3-951 20 pcs. 15 of rub. everything in to 7 rubles. IP3-951 21 pcs. 15 of rub. everything in to 7 rubles. Modules: MDЧ 255-63h-1,-6 E6 150 pcs. 100 rub. MDШ 145-16-03
DataSheet Catalog

Signal Processing

Amplifiers, Switches & Multiplexers, Filters, Comparators, Functions Generator


Telephony, Network, DSL, WiFi, Bluetooth, Fiber Optics, Modems, Transceivers


Drivers/Controllers, Sensor interface, Ignition

Logic Elements

Gates, Latches, Registers, Counters, Comparators, Flip-Flops, Dividers and Multipliers

RF & Microwaves

Amplifiers, Transistors, Mixers, Switches, Attenuators, Diodes, Filters, RFID


Temperature, Image, Pressure, Magnetic, Velocity, Smoke, Ultrasonic sensors




64/32/16/8 bits, RISC, CISC


32/16/8/4 bits controllers

Data Conversion

ADC/DAC, Data Acquisition

Interface and Interconnect

USB, RS-232, PCI, SCSI, IEEE 1394


Audio, Video, Set-Top Box

Power Management

DC/DC & AC/DC, Battery, Power Supply

Timing Circuits

Timers, Clock Generators, Oscillators


Display, Drivers/Controllers, Photosensors


Transistors, Diodes & Rectifiers, Thyristors, IGBT

Other components

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The Datasheet Archive is a large free resource specifically for electronic component datasheets and scanned data books.

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