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555Sale bulbs, tubes, coils, sensors, meters, etc.

Sale: LO-247 2 pcs. 88 yr 6LO2A 2 pcs. 11LO1I 84 yr. 1 pcs. 11LO7I 87 yr. 1 pcs. 16LO3I 1 pcs. 17LO2I 89 yr. 2 pcs. B7S1 "RFT" 1 pcs. G. 811 68 yr. 3 pcs. HC-71 61 yr. 5 pcs. SBM-20 10 pcs. C-4 p. 4 pcs. MSTR-4 5 pcs. R. 34 80 pcs. 88 yr. MTH 90-80 pcs. 78 yr. 1C11P 50 pcs. 80 yr. 6MH1S 5 pcs. 6MH4S 4 pcs. 6s19p 77 yr. 60 pcs. 6C50D 120 pcs. 80

EvgeniySale of transistors and diodes

Sale of availability. Offer your price. Delivery is possible on the Mitino (Moscow) 8-905-841-25-45. Yevgeniy. 2d102a 90 yr. w/box -1693 pcs. kd103a 90 yr. w/box 975 pcs. kd103a 87 yr. pallet -400 pcs. kd103b 85 yr. pallet -630 pcs. kd102b 89 yr. of pallets 325 pcs. KD210B 87 yr.- -139 pcs. KU202N 85 yr.- -200 pcs. KD202 rub. 87 yr. packaging. -4

mUnacceptable is not expensive on Saturday at the Mitino (Moscow).

Unacceptable: FP7-RS452-1004-1 pcs. -100 rub. FP7-RS452-1003-2 pcs. for $ 100. FP5-RS452-2004-2 pcs. for $ 100. RM-4 24V -87 yr. 1 pcs. (neat dismantling) -300 rub. VЭ12 25A 27-1 pcs. 200 rub. RPV2/7. . . . . 955-78 yr. 6 pcs. for $ 100.

Pavel NovikovSale Aviation

Sale of Russian AVIATION D-25 yr. - -32 pcs. ESP-40 storage without a passport DAS sensor 1 pcs. resistance vs-33 1 pcs. Rd-7-sensor a-to 1 pcs. IDO-BVS-1- -1 pcs. Electric nozzle position sensor ЭDPS-100 m. 1 piece. HA-185u 1 pcs. RP-95P 32 pcs. BEECH-23 1 pcs. AY-35 m 1 pcs. CD sensor 6s2. 553.002 1 pcs. EDI-1 DTЭ-1 sensor 1 compl. VK-TYPE 1page

Pavel NovikovSale Speakers g-1 l

Sale Speakers g-1 l storage 17 pcs. price 6500 rub. for pcs. G-1 speaker 2 pcs. price 3500 rubles.
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Signal Processing

Amplifiers, Switches & Multiplexers, Filters, Comparators, Functions Generator


Telephony, Network, DSL, WiFi, Bluetooth, Fiber Optics, Modems, Transceivers


Drivers/Controllers, Sensor interface, Ignition

Logic Elements

Gates, Latches, Registers, Counters, Comparators, Flip-Flops, Dividers and Multipliers

RF & Microwaves

Amplifiers, Transistors, Mixers, Switches, Attenuators, Diodes, Filters, RFID


Temperature, Image, Pressure, Magnetic, Velocity, Smoke, Ultrasonic sensors




64/32/16/8 bits, RISC, CISC


32/16/8/4 bits controllers

Data Conversion

ADC/DAC, Data Acquisition

Interface and Interconnect

USB, RS-232, PCI, SCSI, IEEE 1394


Audio, Video, Set-Top Box

Power Management

DC/DC & AC/DC, Battery, Power Supply

Timing Circuits

Timers, Clock Generators, Oscillators


Display, Drivers/Controllers, Photosensors


Transistors, Diodes & Rectifiers, Thyristors, IGBT

Other components

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