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Andreysale contactors KM. ... TKS ... TKD ...


ViktoriyaA few rare bulbs old years

Sale: 6E5 49 yr. 1 pcs. 6Ж1Ж 55 yr. 5 pcs./Pack 6K16B- 77 yr. 1 pcs. 6n13s 60-65gg 7 pcs. Indus/Pack 6n13s 65 yr. 2 pcs. 6N5S 64 yr. 1 pcs. 6P14P-EV 79 yr. 2 pcs. 6P14P-EV yr 75. PCs 11. IND/Pack 6P20S 51 yr. 4 pcs. Indus/Pack 6P3S Photon 59-61gg 26 pcs. 6P3S-e 90 yr. 10 pcs. Indus/Pack 6P36S 72 yr. 1 pcs. 6P45S

ArturSale Klystrons K702 RR45 Rarяdnik RR305 SG-6 c

Sale KLC302V-94gv- -60 pcs. -50 rub. ALS233A2-08gv-39 pcs. 30 rubles. ALS335B2-94gv- -70 pcs. -20 rub. Klystron K702-w/c-90gv-8 pcs. 600 rub. KlistronK-10-w/c — 90gv — 1 PC. 600 rub. Discharger-Pp21-1 — 89gv — 1 PC. 500 rub. Discharger RR305-1-90gv- -1 pcs. -500 rub. Arrestor, pp 45-w/c-91gv- -65 pcs. -400 rub. SG307K-84gv- -5 pcs. -500 rub. SG-6 c


2rmt22kpn4ш3v1v 0000-06 yr. 8 pcs. 150 rub. 2rmt22bpn4ш3v1v 04-08 yr. 8 pcs. 150 rub. Onts-BC1-19/18r12-1V yr 03.1 pcs. 500 rub. Onts-BC1-50/27r12-2B yr 05.1 pcs. 500 rub. Rs19tv rose with leather 03 yr. 1 pcs. 300 rub. Rs7atv roses without the leather 05 yr. 2 pcs. 150 rub. Onts-bm1-10/10v1-1-90-yr 08.4 pcs. 300 rub. MP1-10-2B 86 yr. 2 pcs. 250 ru

ELEKTRONBuy 3l341a, LEDs b = 200 pcs. from 88 yr. up to 93goda!

Buy 3l341a, LEDs b = 200 pcs. from 88 yr. up to 93goda! Other years are not suitable Consider all your suggestions
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Signal Processing

Amplifiers, Switches & Multiplexers, Filters, Comparators, Functions Generator


Telephony, Network, DSL, WiFi, Bluetooth, Fiber Optics, Modems, Transceivers


Drivers/Controllers, Sensor interface, Ignition

Logic Elements

Gates, Latches, Registers, Counters, Comparators, Flip-Flops, Dividers and Multipliers

RF & Microwaves

Amplifiers, Transistors, Mixers, Switches, Attenuators, Diodes, Filters, RFID


Temperature, Image, Pressure, Magnetic, Velocity, Smoke, Ultrasonic sensors




64/32/16/8 bits, RISC, CISC


32/16/8/4 bits controllers

Data Conversion

ADC/DAC, Data Acquisition

Interface and Interconnect

USB, RS-232, PCI, SCSI, IEEE 1394


Audio, Video, Set-Top Box

Power Management

DC/DC & AC/DC, Battery, Power Supply

Timing Circuits

Timers, Clock Generators, Oscillators


Display, Drivers/Controllers, Photosensors


Transistors, Diodes & Rectifiers, Thyristors, IGBT

Other components

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