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ELEKTRONКупим срочно розетки ОНЦ-БС-1-4/10-Р12-1-В,,ОНЦ-БС-1-7/12-Р12-1-В,ОНЦ-БС-1-10/14-Р12-1-В

Купим срочно Розетка ОНЦ-БС-1-4/10-Р12-1-В 50шт Розетка ОНЦ-БС-1-7/12-Р12-1-В 50шт Розетка ОНЦ-БС-1-10/14-Р12-1-В 50шт год любой!

ELEKTRONBuy 2rtt20kpэ4ш6v = 50 pcs. year any possible torsion

Buy 2rtt20kpэ4ш6v = 50 pcs. year any possible torsion

Oleg.The Proposal.

Consider our offer: Transistors: 12358, 000000 TPAHZICTOP KT683B 1852, 000000 TPAHZICTOP KTC394B2 7077, 000000 TPAHZICTOP KTC394B2 4625, 000000 TPAHZICTOP KTC394-b 2054, 000000 TPAHZICTOP KTC395B2 4464, 000000 TPAHZICTOP KTC395B2 140, 000000 TPAHZICTOP 2P922A 4185, 000000 TPAHZICTOP KT683 (E) All in the head/CCP. warehouse storage.

RomanTENG-120A10/1. 25T220, ЭM34-41224-20-Y3-220V, AIR56V2U3 sale

Hello. Related topic, wiring, I propose: TENG-120A10/1. 25T220 91 yr. 3000 pcs. 150, 0000. U-shaped; air; 220V/1 .25kW; How is aluminum alloy liner with thread M16, 65 mm between the centers of the mounting holes. expanded shell length 1200 mm; rise above the artboard 550 mm; contact Rod length 40 mm; Shell diameter 10 mm, material grade; connect

RomanHighly liquid with 20% discount

Hello. Selection of the most liquid. $ 100t. rub. discount of 20%. Price (3300 types DENC) download on the attached link. Sincerely, Roman. Ekaterinburg. 8-343-2479214; 8-922-2160159. "transistor" Au 136TV1 "07" 5 yr. 368 units. 70, 0000 142EN5A Au "Silicon" "5" 87; 89 yr. 5 pcs. 150, 0000 1554AP3T Au "integral" "04" 5 yr. 2 pcs. 300, 0000
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Gates, Latches, Registers, Counters, Comparators, Flip-Flops, Dividers and Multipliers

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